FAQs for Buyers

Do You Charge Buyer Fees?
  • No, we do not charge buyer fees.
What are the acceptable terms of payment?
  • At every auction, we accept cash or check ONLY.
  • We DO NOT accept credit or debit cards.
  • Cash only for foreign country buyers.
Do I need a registration number?
  • Buyers are required to register prior to the auction for a bidders number to participate in the auction. A picture ID is required at registration.
Do I have to pay a deposit to get a registration number?
  • There is no bidders deposit required.
Can I view the items before the auction?
  • Buyers can view the items one hour before auction starts.
  • Motorized items will be shown, started and operated for buyers benefit.
  • Every item sold is as is. Ben Jenkins Auctioneers offers no warranties, no guarantees expressed or implied.
Can I purchase an item online or over the phone?
  • No internet or phone bidders to bid against live auctions.

FAQs for Consignment Auctions

I have an item to sell, what are your fees?
  • Ben Jenkins Auctioneers sells your items on a commission basis during our live auction to the highest bidder. The commission varies depending on the items you wish to sell. Contact us for details.
How many items can I sell at your auction?
  • One item or 100 items, contact Ben Jenkins Auctioneers to add and get info on future auctions.
How do you get people to attend your auction so I get the highest bidding price?
  • Ben Jenkins Auctioneers offers an extensive advertising plan to promote your items for exposure to the potential buyers at each auction.
How soon do I get paid after my item was sold?
  • A settlement check and computerized settlement sheet with information about your item(s) sold will be mailed at the conclusion of auction up to 3 days after.
Can I do reserved pricing on my items?
  • Ben Jenkins does not accept reserved pricing on sellers items.
What do I need to know if I want Ben Jenkins Auctioneers to sell my car?
  • All automobiles must have an open title.

Estate Auctions

If you are in need of an Estate Auction, Ben Jenkins Auctioneers will do a visual walk around to assess the potential Estate Auction. If conditions meet the requirements to conduct Estate Auction, we will perform on-site live auction.

Commissions are determined on a case by case basis.

Turn-Key Operation – We will do the set-up, advertising and clean-up.

Ben Jenkins Auctioneers keeps a computerized inventory of each item sold in the Estate Auction.